Music for Relaxation

Day by day we experience several kinds of impressions, and not just us, adults, but this is true about our children as well. All these impulses influence us in some way, so it really matters what kind of things we experience every day.

One of these impulses is sounds and music. It’s really interesting how we not exclusively experience sound through our ears, but also with our bodies. Sound is a vibration that doesn’t only vibrate in our ears but it can also massage our cells from within.


Why does music have a positive effect on our nervous system and our body?

The short answer is because it creates harmony.

If we take a look at nature we find harmony there. There is no chaos, everything is in perfect order that repeats itself in cycles. Seasons change, the night is followed by the day, planets orbit around the Sun just as electrons orbit around the nucleus. Waves in the oceans come and go, we exhale and inhale the air, and so on… Life is a whole cycle with a certain beat and rhythm.

This is also true about music, it has a recurring rhythm too. There is no chaos in it, and the harmony creates balance in us, the listeners. Depending on what type of music we listen to can make our mood better, make us happy, or help becoming more relaxed.

There’s no wonder that mothers and fathers (next to cradling) have been singing to their babies by instinct when they want to lull their babies, or simply when they would like to express their love for their child.

It’s obvious that only certain types of music have a positive effect on us. Of course, heavy metal and such could cause a negative outcome by making our body weaker and it also does harm to our souls as well.

The most natural music is what nature composed, such as the tweeting of the birds, the noise of the rain or the sound of the crickets. You just can’t get bored of these sounds. They combined with mild melodies are really calming and soothing. Please listen to the relaxing music provided by the EasyMed program with your baby. Enjoy!