"I have triplets. Until they turned one year old, they slept 3-4 times a day, really inordinately and usually at different times. Most of the time we lulled them to sleep by using our ADAMO baby hammocks. It frequently happened the I had to cradle two babies at once, so I really have no idea about what would’ve happened without them. I believe that the ADAMO baby hammock is a must for parents with twins!"

DOLLI DOBÓ - mother of triplets from Makó, Hungary


"Tummy aches were pretty frequent with Olivér. During these periods I just laid him in the hammock and it immediately worked as a pain relief for him. At the beginning, he slept on his belly, but once he started to lay on his back during his naps we were able to use the hammock to make him fall asleep. It worked wonders, and his naps were longer in the hammock than in his crib. When he slept 15 or 20 minutes longer than usual, it was a huge help for me. And when he is awake we play and have fun in the hammock."



"My son is 14 months old. Unfortunately, we didn’t start to use the hammock right after when he was born, instead we first put him in the hammock when he was 2 months old. He really enjoyed it, and he still does. When he was younger, the hammock helped us through the tummy aches, we were able to soothe him and it helped immediately. My husband is a huge fan of the ADAMO hammock as well! He says that it’s his savior when I’m at work: he can make our son fall asleep within minutes.

During the daytime we sooth him to sleep every day, and although he had problems with sleeping, he takes really good naps in the hammock. Now he is 14 kilograms, so soon he’ll grow out the hammock. A niece is on her way in our family so we’ll give it away to her, and we really hope that she’ll like the hammock just as much as our son does."

DÓRA GAPP - mother from Wien, Austria


"Sadly, my son had a lot of tummy aches as a newborn. Only one thing used to be able to soothe him: the ADAMO hammock. He always took good naps in the hammock, and he still loves it, even though he is more than 10 months old now and it’s his favorite place to be. To be honest, I have no idea what will happen when he grows out the hammock."

DÓRA BÁNHIDI - blogger of PandArte