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Hammock stand

Hammock Stand - The Original ADAMO Hammock Stand

The ADAMO Hammock stand is one of the most successful accessories for the ADAMO baby hammock. At ADAMO, we are committed to ensuring that all of our baby swing accessories represent the highest quality. This is true for our baby hammock stand as well, specifically designed for the original ADAMO baby hammock.

Why is the ADAMO Hammock stand useful?

Often, due to the layout of our homes or the structure of our ceilings, it is not possible to suspend a baby hammock from the ceiling. This is why new parents need an alternative. You don't have to deprive your babies of the opportunities provided by swinging, as the ADAMO hammock stand offers a perfectly safe solution for use.

Our baby hammock stand can be used by your baby in the long term: As we are talking about an indoor, floor-standing stand, it can be used until the baby starts swinging on its own!

Practical and safe design: We designed the ADAMO hammock Stand specifically for the original ADAMO baby hammock, paying attention to the appropriate and safe hanging height, and unique curvature of the support element to ensure collision-free play during early development. Its use is a practical and safe alternative to ceiling suspension during the cradle period. The use of ADAMO hammock stand goes back almost 20 years, with extensive testing and development behind it, both in terms of safety and practicality.

Not just practical, but also beautiful: When designing our baby stand, we placed great emphasis on safety while making it an attractive piece of furniture for our home. Because we believe that safety, practicality, and beauty can go hand in hand!

Don't forget, the hammock stand can only be used with a baby hammock. We recommend using only original accessories and components! (Because that's how the testing was done.)

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Frequently Asked Questions about the hammock stand

Is it safe to use a baby swing stand?

The ADAMO brand is at the forefront of reliability. We test all of our products for many years to ensure that your baby can use them with the greatest safety.

How long can it be used for?
Indoor, nonfixed stands like the ADAMO hammock stand can be used during the nursery period, specifically until the baby can swing on their own. Therefore, we have set the maximum weight limit for the ADAMO baby swing stand to 10 kg!

Do I need any other accessories for use?

Yes! A spring is required for use so that you can attach the swing to the stand. Purchase a baby hammock spring.

Can I only use it with an ADAMO baby hammock?

Our hammock stand is designed for use with ADAMO baby hammocks, so safety requirements are met only with ADAMO baby hammocks and accessories.

Can I use it outdoors?

It is primarily designed for indoor use, but for short periods of time (daily use), it can also be used outdoors. To maintain complete sterility (rusting, dust contamination), we do not recommend storing it outdoors.

I have an ADAMO baby hammock but want a different type of stand.

ADAMO baby hammocks have been tested with the ADAMO stand, so safety requirements are met only with the ADAMO hammock stand. The suspension method and stand height are compatible with the original ADAMO baby hammock!

Assembly of the baby hammock stand

Assembly of the baby swing stand is child's play: just assemble the product from a few parts and it is ready to use!