When a baby or a child first meets the hammock

A small child’s first encounter with the hammock is very crucial, so always start with the utmost care and confidence, preferably when your child is in a good mood.
Sing a lot and tell nursery rhymes while using the hammock, as this will also greatly help his/her physical and mental development.

Using the Adamo baby hammock and hammock spring

With the right Adamo hammock spring, you can give back to your baby the stimuli already experienced in the womb.
Choose a spring based on your child’s weight, depending on whether you are using the hammock in the cradle period or intensively for play.

Adamo baby hammock hanging on a stand

The Adamo baby hammock is compatible with the Adamo hammock stands. The hammock stand acts as a support during the cradle period and can be used up to the point where your child starts to swing himself/herself.

Suspension of the Adamo baby hammock from a joist

We recommend suspending baby hammocks primarily from ceilings or joists. A big advantage is that it provides a much larger and safer space for children to play, which has a big role in the development of hand-foot coordination.

Using the Adamo baby hammock with bump-stop

One of the very useful accessories of the Adamo baby hammock is the bump-stop. Its softness makes the hammock really comfortable.
The bump-stop makes it easier to keep the outer cover clean from chewing babies and baby saliva, and can also greatly increase its useful life.
Babies who can already sit often spontaneously fall asleep with their heads resting on the bump-stop in the midst of all the swinging and fun, so it is a useful and comfortable addition to the hammock in everyday use.

Using the Adamo baby hammock with footrest

Enhance the experience and increase comfort!
The Adamo footrest has an ergonomic design for the comfort of tiny feet.
Use is recommended from the time the baby’s feet are hanging out from the front openings of the hammock. For older babies (if they can already sit up), we recommend using a footrest only during sleep. The footrest can be adjusted to two positions with snap fasteners. The default setting is for the extension of the lower part of the hammock