Soothes and Relaxes

The gentle swinging of ADAMO's baby hammock helps to ease the most difficult periods like teething and belly ache. The subtle movement helps babies to relax and calm down more easily.

1-2-3 Sleep

ADAMO's hammocks help the babies recall the feeling of being in Mom's tummy with all the good memories of the secure enveloping feeling, mellow swinging and rocking that makes them calm and gets them to sleep.

Playful Development

ADAMO hammock is a combination of playfulness and benefits. Amuses and develops baby at the same time by stimulating balance and movement. 

Happy Baby - Happy Parents

Rock your baby in your arms or in a swing to give them the best. Adamo Hammocks make the day easier for tired parents and fussy babies, when your arms need a break.

Why Adamo?


Do you know why babies love to swing? They experience the very same feelings as in mom's tummy. This combined with the soft and enveloping feeling provide a sense of security which makes them relaxed and calm. Using a single point of fixture and a spring allows the babies to move in each direction - just like they did for months before their births.Click the video to learn more. 

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High Quality

We take utmost care when it comes to sourcing the best material in the world for babies. All our textiles are made of 100% cotton and adapted to the latest trends. 

We countinously seek the highest quality materials from Europe, that allows us to create eco-friendly, sustainable and baby safe products. All of our products are exclusively hand-made which allows us to create custom products for our customers around the world.