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Save time for relaxation!

Babysitting that easily transforms into a child's monemtum

With Adamo’s decades of experience, we have created the safest and most effective developmental swings.

Adamo swings are made specifically from durable canvas and untreated hard wood, crafted with outstanding expertise and the best materials.



Because every baby deserves the best!

We present our newest – award-winning – hammock

2022 ⸻ Magyar Formatervezési Díj

What makes adamo special and what makes the magic work

Adamo swing, the simplest and greatest way to develop and calm children.Our baby swings have been helping those mothers who need a little rest, pause during the chaotic periods of babyhood for almost 20 years, such as teething and tummy aches.The success and uniqueness of Adamo swings are due to the single-point suspension and special textiles.

For decades, Adamo has been making comfortable and safe developmental swings for babies and children, with the participation of several conductors, midwives, and pediatric hospitals in their design and development. It has extensive experience in the production of quality and safe baby swings and early development with Adamo baby swings. It has the largest conductor background in Hungary and can now boast several adult Adamo generations.

The Adamo baby swing offers a comfortable, safe, and natural solution for rocking the baby, which can help the baby rest calmly and balanced. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it provides a comfortable and stable resting place. Outstanding and exclusive use of materials Adamo swings are made of durable, special textiles that are dimensionally stable.

Adamo swings are made of durable, special textiles that are dimensionally stable.

The original design of Adamo swings, its special material composition, and its properly calibrated components have an extraordinary developmental effect on babies and children.

The spring of the Adamo baby swing is extremely soft and sensitive, so it immediately activates in response to the baby’s movement or crying. The gentle movement of the swing is similar to what babies experience in the womb, thus helping to keep the baby calm and balanced.

Due to it’s small size, the baby swing is easily portable and can be used even while traveling. The swing can be disassembled and stored easily.

Adamo baby swings are made from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials!

When designing our products, we place a great emphasis on quality so that they can be used for generations, thus avoiding the chance of overproduction.

What they wrote about us

Every true fairytale kingdom has a place for Adamo swings!

 – Elle Decor

In 2022, Adamo’s brand was awarded in the Lifestyle category by the prestigious French magazine

– Milk Magazine

Forbes cikk

Thanks to it’s dynamic development, Adamo has found it’s place in the Small & Sweet section

– Forbes

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We made our first hammock for our son Adam, which was a wonderful experience because we heard him laugh for the first time. We would like you to share with us the first smile or laugh that the experience of swinging evoked in your child. A photo or a short video is enough for us to be part of this wonderful experience. Remember, our family and lots of laughter make our lives wonderful, and it is that makes our work valuable! Share your satisfaction with us through our social media or by email.

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