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Adamo Baby Hammock Flower
Adamo Baby Hammock Flower

Adamo Baby Hammock Flower

Adamo Baby Hammock Flower
Adamo Baby Hammock Flower
Adamo Baby Hammock Flower
Adamo Baby Hammock Flower

Accessories provided:
• Unprocessed bars,
• rope,
• crossbar,
• a carabiner for adjusting the height of the hammock,
• a colorful cushion,
• and a durable shell made of 100% cotton.

ATTENTION! The spring is not included. You have to choose the appropriate (0-10/10-15 kg) for your kid's weight and put it in the cart.
The ADAMO baby hammock is actually a cradle hammock, and it is suitable for use with babies either until they turn 3 years old, or until they reach 15 kilograms.

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Our hammock is recommended for newborns as well, you can use it from the moment you arrive home from the hospital. Our hammocks are made of natural materials and textiles, so you can be sure that your baby gets the best. The hammock is suitable for babies between the age of 0-3, or up to 15 kilograms. As the hammock is secured at one point, the possibilities of the hammock are versatile: it can be used either as a cradle, your baby can sit in it, or even play around and swing.

The hammock helps the development of balance, eye-hand coordination, strengthens the legs, and it supports the weight gain of premature babies, and also makes their development more balanced. And the best thing is, that it all happens while your little one is having fun!

The ADAMO baby hammock helps to ease the most difficult phases such as tummy aches, teething, anxiety, makes times spent home more entertaining, and it helps the development of babies while they are having fun.
Baby Hammock
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